Thursday, February 26, 2009

Veggie Garden Started

Last weekend we bought a bigger tiller, the small one was good for in between the rows. Its only like 10 inches wide and only digs like 8 inches. The new one you can adjust to be 12",22" or 24" wide, and digs 12" deep. So it breaks ground really deep. And in half the time. Will use the small one to seek between the rows now so we dont have to adjust the big on.

Here is a pic of the garden behind the sheds. Its now 17 x 32. We have planted. First row. Onions, carrots. 2nd row is Squash and green beans. 3 rd row is broccoli and green beans. 4th row is okra and Lima beans. 5th row is all peas. On the very end is corn.

You can see the Salad table on the left. At the very end by the fence is the 3 bin compost bin. But we are thinking of moving it so we can use that area on the side of the shed. It will add a area of 9 x 14 feet on the side.

also a few of the SWC are in the front by the lattice. we have watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers, Zucchini in those.

I have other pics of SWC's to post next.


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