Thursday, February 26, 2009

Salad Table

Have you ever heard of a Salad table? (That's where you grow all kinds of lettuce, you go out and pick some for dinner, and it keeps grown, so you always have a fresh salad). I hadn't until I read about it on some ones blog. I cant remember who. But I decided to give it a try. I had some left over 2x4's, Chicken wire, and screen in my work shop, so basically this was a free project.

I already had the bag of soil as well, We bought it to make a SWC. So now its in the table. I made my own, but here are some directions for a Salad Table. We planted Swiss Chard, Spinach, and one other kind of lettuce leaves. The Swiss Chard is already up and about 2 inches tall, the others are just starting to peak through the soil. We planted these about 3 weeks ago. I might have to move it, as you can see, the sun is blocked by the shed on one end, but that is the end that is growing really good. So who knows.


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