Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is my first try with growing potatoes. I don't know if they will produce as I read you need seed potatoes. But I had a few that were growing Eyes. So, I figured I would try these. I cut the each potato so that each part had at least 2 eyes growing and let them sit for several days for the cut to cure. I then put 2 inches of dirt, then the potatoes, and just covered with dirt. After one week, you can see leaves coming up through the soil. When they get about 4 inches tall, fill with just enough dirt to cover leaves, when it grows 4 inches, fill again, Do this till it gets to the top of the bucket. let grow till leaves turn brown. Then dump and find your potatoes. This is a vine so potatoes grow all through the soil.

If these dont work, I will buy seed potatoes. But it looks good so far. will keep you posted and see if we get any potatoes. I will plant seed potatoes in a month so the maturity is staggered so I dont get a bunch at one time.

Happy Gardening

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