Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Cables on the Camper

We have been working on the camper a lot the past week. We got the new tires on last week, this past weekend we put new cables on, cleaned every pulley, and sprayed with silicon spray to lube them. We also adjusted the Wiffle tree (3") so now the roof goes all the way up now, and the door should fit just fine now. Oh, and the roof is goes up a lot easier now.

I cleaned all the dirt out of the bed slide tracks today, so now they slide in really easy.

Put the old door handles back on the newly replaced doors. The contact paper is a little lighter then the metal cabinets, but its okay with me. Alot better then the warped particle board doors.

Need to cut the hole in the new roof so we can reinstall the AC unit. Need to strip all the old decals, pinstripping and lights off so we can paint it. Put all new lights on outside. Then put on the new canvas, make curtains. And take it out for its first camping trip since we got it in Oct, 08.

I will try and take some pics to update Webshots. Link on the right.


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