Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meyer Lemon Tree

My first fruit tree is a Meyer Lemon Tree. I love Lemonade and always wanted a lemon tree. So I found this one at Walmart. Its about 2.5 feet tall and already has blossoms and a few super tiny beginnings of a lemon. It was $11.

My friend Jill has these trees and she juices them and freezes the juice in Ice cube trays and makes lemonade. She gave me a bunch of lemons from her last trip to the lake house. I juiced and froze in trays. And now. I use those for Tea, Lemonade and cooking.

I love the taste. Its really sweet almost like an orange. Not bitter like the bright yellow (Eureka) lemons you get in the store.

I just cant wait to harvest some of my own. Hm. Think I need to go get the Key lime tree.


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