Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meyer Lemon Tree

My first fruit tree is a Meyer Lemon Tree. I love Lemonade and always wanted a lemon tree. So I found this one at Walmart. Its about 2.5 feet tall and already has blossoms and a few super tiny beginnings of a lemon. It was $11.

My friend Jill has these trees and she juices them and freezes the juice in Ice cube trays and makes lemonade. She gave me a bunch of lemons from her last trip to the lake house. I juiced and froze in trays. And now. I use those for Tea, Lemonade and cooking.

I love the taste. Its really sweet almost like an orange. Not bitter like the bright yellow (Eureka) lemons you get in the store.

I just cant wait to harvest some of my own. Hm. Think I need to go get the Key lime tree.



This is my first try with growing potatoes. I don't know if they will produce as I read you need seed potatoes. But I had a few that were growing Eyes. So, I figured I would try these. I cut the each potato so that each part had at least 2 eyes growing and let them sit for several days for the cut to cure. I then put 2 inches of dirt, then the potatoes, and just covered with dirt. After one week, you can see leaves coming up through the soil. When they get about 4 inches tall, fill with just enough dirt to cover leaves, when it grows 4 inches, fill again, Do this till it gets to the top of the bucket. let grow till leaves turn brown. Then dump and find your potatoes. This is a vine so potatoes grow all through the soil.

If these dont work, I will buy seed potatoes. But it looks good so far. will keep you posted and see if we get any potatoes. I will plant seed potatoes in a month so the maturity is staggered so I dont get a bunch at one time.

Happy Gardening

SWC's (Self Watering Containers)

I think I mentioned before, I was trying gardening in SWC's . Well, its going pretty good with the first sets. I made 20 and only used a couple so far.

I tried carrots in one of these as last year, we couldn't till the garden deep enough for the carrots and they grew crooked. So with the deeper tiller, it shouldn't be a problem. So we planted some in ground as well. You see, Carrots need light soft soil so they can grow straight.

This SWC has onions. I had some seeds laying around so threw them in just to see if they would grow and they did. One is ready to pick for fresh green onions in our next Taco Salad. Yum! The others have a ways to go. We also planted some in ground.


Veggie Garden Started

Last weekend we bought a bigger tiller, the small one was good for in between the rows. Its only like 10 inches wide and only digs like 8 inches. The new one you can adjust to be 12",22" or 24" wide, and digs 12" deep. So it breaks ground really deep. And in half the time. Will use the small one to seek between the rows now so we dont have to adjust the big on.

Here is a pic of the garden behind the sheds. Its now 17 x 32. We have planted. First row. Onions, carrots. 2nd row is Squash and green beans. 3 rd row is broccoli and green beans. 4th row is okra and Lima beans. 5th row is all peas. On the very end is corn.

You can see the Salad table on the left. At the very end by the fence is the 3 bin compost bin. But we are thinking of moving it so we can use that area on the side of the shed. It will add a area of 9 x 14 feet on the side.

also a few of the SWC are in the front by the lattice. we have watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers, Zucchini in those.

I have other pics of SWC's to post next.


Salad Table

Have you ever heard of a Salad table? (That's where you grow all kinds of lettuce, you go out and pick some for dinner, and it keeps grown, so you always have a fresh salad). I hadn't until I read about it on some ones blog. I cant remember who. But I decided to give it a try. I had some left over 2x4's, Chicken wire, and screen in my work shop, so basically this was a free project.

I already had the bag of soil as well, We bought it to make a SWC. So now its in the table. I made my own, but here are some directions for a Salad Table. We planted Swiss Chard, Spinach, and one other kind of lettuce leaves. The Swiss Chard is already up and about 2 inches tall, the others are just starting to peak through the soil. We planted these about 3 weeks ago. I might have to move it, as you can see, the sun is blocked by the shed on one end, but that is the end that is growing really good. So who knows.


Strawberry Update!

Remember the pics of the new flowers and tiny berries on my first strawberry plants. Here is a update. One is red, and the others aren't far behind. Now that I know I can grow them, I will plant lots next year. I hope to have the garden more organized, then it is now.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Cables on the Camper

We have been working on the camper a lot the past week. We got the new tires on last week, this past weekend we put new cables on, cleaned every pulley, and sprayed with silicon spray to lube them. We also adjusted the Wiffle tree (3") so now the roof goes all the way up now, and the door should fit just fine now. Oh, and the roof is goes up a lot easier now.

I cleaned all the dirt out of the bed slide tracks today, so now they slide in really easy.

Put the old door handles back on the newly replaced doors. The contact paper is a little lighter then the metal cabinets, but its okay with me. Alot better then the warped particle board doors.

Need to cut the hole in the new roof so we can reinstall the AC unit. Need to strip all the old decals, pinstripping and lights off so we can paint it. Put all new lights on outside. Then put on the new canvas, make curtains. And take it out for its first camping trip since we got it in Oct, 08.

I will try and take some pics to update Webshots. Link on the right.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Working on this blog (Fixed I Think)

I think this blog is working, I had to change the template to fix some errors with the last one. So hopefully this one is working okay. I still have a little issue on the left column touching the middle section, but nothing to really worry about I dont think.

I changed the name from Creating and Gardening to Camping and Gardening, as I moved all my crafting and cutter stuff to my other new blog. And this one is for just Camping and Gardening, LOL! And any thing else I guess that isnt crafting related.

I dont leave my house, so I spend some time in the back yard, so you will see postings about my flowers (which all look bad from the frost) but hope they come back in the spring.

You will also see some of out Vintage Camper Repairs here. Its a slow process, but moving along. Need to put the new cables on hopefully this weekend. The new tires went on last weekend. Need to paint the box and put the new lights on, and new canvas then take it out for its maiden camping trip, When the weather warms up.

If you see some thing that dont look right or dont work, let me know, so I can try and get it fixed.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Working on this blog

I havent posted to it in a while, as I was having problems with it, well, I still am, and trying to fix it, and change some things. Removed all the crafty stuff so its all on the crafty blog. this one is only for gardening and camper stuff. That is if I can get it to work.

The canna lilly post was from a few months back, It never posted. Sorry for it posting now.