Sunday, January 25, 2009

Now were getting some where!

It finally feels like we are making some head way in the the camper renovations. Yesterday we got the kitchen almost done, I decided to change some things today so not done yet. Im also going to take the new board off of the bench and make it a flip up top so its easier to store stuff and not have to bend down to the floor and big, so have to work on that.

We got all the side panels back on, got all the canvas rails on, the brackets to hold the bars on the top, and got all the tools out and put away and started cleaning. Still need to put the door track holders in.

Now just have to go in and clean all the slider tracks, put the doors on, get new cables, put the AC on, Paint the out side, put the new lights on the out side, put the new canvas in, new tires and bearings, and its ready to camp, Get ready Victor, It looks like the camper will be ready in a month or so.

Will post some pics in a few days.


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