Monday, October 5, 2009

Just cheking in

Its been a while since I posted here. Lots going on, been working on my DD wedding invitations so that's keeping my busy. Check my blog if you want to see my crafty creations

This weekend, we pulled the pup out and adjusted the cables on the whiffletree tree so the roof is now level when raising. And we also added a hand sprayer to the sink, so its now usable. We have a flip over galley, so the faucet is only like 4 inches high, and its difficult to fill a pan with water. So now. we have a hand sprayer that sits in the counter top (drilled hole big enough for it to sit a little lower then the faucet so it don't get crushed when flipping it over) And we used a 3/8 plastic "T" and hose clamps to tie in to the main inlet line, And it works great.

To keep the sprayer head in place when flipping the galley, we just used a rubber bang around the faucet and around the sprayer head to keep it in place. Works great, for got pics, but will take some when we go camping in 2 weeks.

It sure was nice seeking the pup all set up. I sure missed it. So spent some time rearranging the inside to fit the dutch oven in and the camp shelf.

Hopefully we will be camping in 2 weeks, then that Tuesday DH will have his second Cochlear ear I'm plant, and off 3 weeks to recover.

Until next time, Happy camping.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Just testing to see if I can post to my blog from my new phone

Looks like it worked, but still figuring it out.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Camper Sign

Made this sign to display at the campground next to the pup. Pine with rounded corners, 4 coats of poly with light sanding between each coat. I designed the picture and Names and cut out of Outdoor vinyl on my KNK groove.

The lamp post is a design I found on my favorite camper group. Using PVC and solar light at top. And painting with spray paint for plastic.

I think it turned out great. Est. 10/08 is when we bought the pup then did total restoration of this old gal, She is like brand new. We did a Axle flip last week, so now it sits 4" higher.

This is a close up.

Happy Camping!

What is that?

Could it be? It is! It Is!!!

Its a squirrel in the bird feeder. I'm so excited because I had a bunch of squirrels at my old house and when we moved here, I built a clear glass feeder like I had at my old house. I put corn and peanuts in there, and for over a year the food sat in the feeder. So for 2 more years, no squirrels. Now, after 3 years. DH tells me he thinks he see on on the fence the other day. So I have been watching and didn't see any thing, but knew the dogs were going crazy when they went out. So today I was washing dishes and look what I seen in the bird feeder.

Man, it took 3 years go get one to come, So im going to make a new Squirrel feeder.

You can only see his tail, but ain't he/she cute!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In Loving Memory Of Morris

1/25/95 - 7/29/09

It is with great sadness that we had to have our oldest cat "Old Man, Morris" put to sleep today.

We have had this cat for 14 1/2 years, We adopted him from our vet when he was just a kitten. He has been a wonderful pet, always sleeps on my pillow and hugs up to my head when I'm sick.

Yesterday he became suddenly ill, so we took him to the vet today, Dr. Mark said, he is a old cat and has heart failure and kidney failure and nothing they could do for him and he would only live one may be two more days. So we had to have him put to sleep so he wouldn't suffer.

We love you Morris and will miss you very much.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Newest Medical Problems

For the past few weeks, I have had trouble breathing, its been very shallow and I get really winded and tired after very short walks, and have had several episodes in the past few weeks where I couldn't breath and had really bad chest pains, But after 30 minutes of laying down, they went away.

I decided to go to the doctor 2 weeks ago, and they sent me for xrays and a PFT breathing test, then for echo cardiogram. Which lead to going to see a Pulmonary specialist all in the matter of a week

So that appt. was yesterday, and while there, I started having another episode, bad chest pains, couldn't breath, cold sweats, Blood pressure through the roof and I passed out. The doctor called EMS and when I came to, there were 5 people in blue suits working on me, I was being put on a gurney and being taken out of the doctor office to the waiting ambulance and fire truck, that was a little embarrassing. Any way, I had all the symptoms of a heart attach, so they gave me nitroglycerin and several aspirin. Took me to the hospital (which was next door), checked me in to the ER and a few hours later addmitted me. So I just got home from 2 days in the Cardiac Observation Unit. Every one was so nice and took good care of me.

It was 2 hard days of test. 10 EKG's, (5 sets of electrodes, I look like octopus got a hold of me) More Xray's, Chest CT with contrast (that was tough),2 Echo cardiograms,
4 part injection stress test (this was tough as well) and 20 vials of blood, 25 needle pokes(im not a giver)A bunch of PFT test, Nitro patch and heart monitor.

All this turned out to be, prevention of a heart attack, Bad Asthma, a heavy mass on my lung which turns out to be a different problem, my heart functioning at 60%, Magnesium and Potassium Deficiency.

So im home now with a bad migraine from the nitro patch, and on new meds, with several follow up appts I need to make. Did I mention, I hate going to the doctors, besides the fact its expensive.

Think im headed to bed as you don't get any sleep in the hospital.

Wishing every one well,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cochlear Ear Implant

A few weeks ago my DH of 24 years. Had Cochlear Ear Implant surgery. After 2 weeks post opt, he still had lots of swelling and fluid behind the device down in the ear drum. 3 Weeks later, he is doing better and got his device turn on to make sure its receiving transmission. The next week, they turn on the device so he can start hearing.

The first week was every exciting for him. He heard all kinds of things, like the doctor typing on the key board, them opening the package his implant came in, Later in the week he heard the cell phone ring for the first time, He also heard rain drops on the car winshield and also heard our dog bark for the first time. But still couldn't hear people, TV or Radio.

Yesterday, they tuned it so he can now start hearing people. He says it sounds like Alvin and the chipmunks, but they say that is normal and they cant change that. He will get used to it. Yesterday, we tested it out in office, and I was able to carry on a conversation with him, and he understood what I was saying and answering correctly back.

They said he is doing wonderful with it already only 7 weeks out, as most people have a hard time adjusting to it. It will take several months for him to understand and comprehend what he hears. But this is a whole new world for him.

We would love to thank Dr. Bartels office at Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida, for giving my husband his hearing.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Table mod

The original 24 year old table was particle board with Formica top and bottom with a hard plastic side trim that had all cracked, the edges of the table were curled from all the water from the roof AC damage.

So the repair was a half sheet of Red Oak, 3/4 inch thick ($25) a roll of Red Oak 3/4 Iron on trip from lowes ($8). And a can of clear polyurethane. Which I had.

Cut table to side, rounded the corners, Iron on side trim and trim with special tool. light sand, one coat of poly, let dry one day, sand, 2nd coat of poly, let dry one day, sand,3rd coat of poly, let dry, sand,4th and last coat. Reinstall original fold up table legs.

It look so good, we are going to take out all the new wood we put in the pup and replace with the same Red Oak.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Mod "Roof Stabelizer Bars"

Now that we know what the misc poles are. 2 just don't seem like enough. So to same me a few panic attacks, We made 2 more. So now we will have a Roof Support on each corner of the roof. So if a cable breaks, the roof wont come crashing down on you.

2 pieces of 3/4 x 5 foot conduit (cut to your roof height measurements, My Coleman is 51 inches.

2 Inch "L" Brackets ( bent as the top of the hole closest to the center.

Self taping screws.

Total Cost $9 for 2 Feeling of Safety "Priceless"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pop Up Camper Mods

After almost 2 whole weeks of rain every day. This past weekend was beautiful. So DH popped the pup and we did some mods.

We made this awesome awning for the back of the pup. It provides shade on that side, and also allows you to keep your windows open on the back when it rains. The tarp is brown but its hard to tell in the pic as it was really sunny.

Next Mod was to move the water drain for the sink from under neath the camper to the side. And also add a vent as the water drained so slow and you had to shake the hose.

Next was to do some thing about the step that was slippery when wet. We had put some paint on bed liner in our truck and had a little left, so we painted it on the step, and it works great.

We did 2 other mods, but no pics yet. We made a 2 level shelf over the kitchen center to store food and stuff.

Add shelf pic:

And DH wanted carpet in the pup. Well, we put some indoor out door carpent in, will see how well that works. We bought some reflectix for the windows but havent got it cut yet.

Hope to go camping next week.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Paint, Pinstrips and Decals

Pop up has a new coat of paint. It was painted with outdoor semi gloss latex. And it collected dirt and when you wiped it off, the dirt would just smear. So Hubby painted it with Rustoleum Gloss White Enamel and a foam roller. This turned out great. It's a bright white color. It now has a glossy sheen to it, and the best part, Dirt wipes right off.

Next was the pinstripes and Decals. We looked and looked for a color vinyl for the decals to match the new canvas. We ordered 3 different colors, went to several sign shops, But no luck so went with a dark chocolate brown from H & H sign supply. Number 530. I ordered 2 yards (6ft) for 4.00 (that's all I needed for this project). That's a great price. And the transfer tape is a great deal as well, you get 300 feet per roll for 4.63 for the 2" roll. And it works great.

So I took pictures of the original decals. Imported them in to my KNK software. And made files for the original decals. Cut the vinyl on my KNK Groove machine. It cut like a dream. The machine is so easy to use. Any one can do it.

Then we took the vinyl to Lowes, and got it color matched. The color is "Betsy Ross House Brown" in a high gloss. It was a perfect match. DH painted the corner trim, back spare tire mount, and the pinstripe all brown. So it matched the decals. Also put in new white vinyl trim on the corner pieces.

Here are the updated pics. Oh, DH also installed a porch light on the side of the roof, he tied it in to the switch inside that turns on the step light so they come on at the same time. This will be handy when taking the dogs out at night. Need to paint the AC cover as it was tan, the original color of the pup. I also decided to add the year of the camper to the sides. So every one would know what year it is. It sure don't look like its 24 years old.
Original Decal

Original Decal

Original Decal

Finished paint, stripes and decals on side, Note the Year added.

New Decal on back

Notice the missing tale lights. We had put new one on, but I didnt like them, so took the original ones off, cleaned them up and DH is putting them back on. So it will have originals back and look right.

1985 is a good year for us, We were married in 85. So we had our 24th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, My Son was born in late part of 85. So we knew this old gal would be a great addition to our family. I thank Brian for letting us buy her and give her a new home.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

EG Simmons Park

Enough about gardening.

We went camping at EG Simmons park April 10-12, It was a bad weekend, it was spring break here, and Easter weekend as well, But it was the only weekend, my daughter had off of school and work.

We called on Wed, they were booked for the whole week, they told us to call back on Thursday. So we did, we called at 9am, 11am, and 12pm, They said, they might have a few check outs after noon, as that's check out time. Said to call back at 1pm. So we did, and they had 5 check outs. They don't reserve, its first come first serve. So my daughter and I hoped in the car and hauled you know what, out to Riverview, its like 45 miles from my house, on I75. On the way, we seen several trucks pulling campers and pop ups, So that made us drive faster to pass them, just in case they were headed there.

By the time we got there, they only had 2 spots left. One with a boat slip, Not much of a choice but hey, its a spot. Its only $12 per night with full hookup, bath, showers, RV Dump stations, Boat launch, Beach if you can call it that, Nice, playgrounds on the beach and campgrounds. If you like the water, its a nice place to camp. BUT! you much be prepared for the the chiggers and no seeums. They will tear you up, I'm not kidding.

We use tiki torches, Spray the ground with yard gaurd. Use lots of Deep woods off, and skin so soft. Also have a screen room we stay in. Believe it or not, it is nice. If you can put up with the bugs.

The park was totally full and usually is, with RV's that say for a full 30 days at a time.

You can view my pics on my "Web Shots", (man, I need to work on updating that)

 Okay, So webshots changed and closed my account. So had to open up a Photo bucket account.  Here is a link to EG simmons park pictures. 

EG Simmons Park Florida Picture Link

Here is link to "EG Simmons park".

Happy Camping,

What is this? A Weed or Cucumber?

I planted 2 kinds of cucumbers, the one in the other SWC. (Self Watering Continer "5 Gallong bucket") Im not sure if its a cucumber or a weed. I need to investigate and see what it is. Its strange looking, the stems are red, the leaves are long skinny green with a dark spot in the middle of the leaf. And has a off white flower sprig thing on the top. Is this a weed. If so, none of those seeds germinated.

What is this? A Weed or Cucumber? (Oh, Don't pay any attention to the way ward green bean that is in the top of the pic. Some how it lost its way from the rest of the patch.)

Look what I have. Its a super tiny beginning of a cucumber. isn't it cute.


The lonely Cabbage!

I planted several cabbage seeds, this one is the only one that came up. Looks like some one else is hungry by looking at the leaves, I sprayed it with some soap mixture, I hope it works. Excited to see if it grows big.

Every year I try and grow some thing new. This year, there are several. So far, Cabbage, Zucchini, Onions, Cucumbers,Potatoes.

My garden gets a little bigger every year. This year its 17 X 32. And we just tilled another section last week, 10 X 14. Its on the other side of the Red shed you have seen in the garden pics. It runs East to West so gets all day sun. DH planted Cantaloupe and Water Mellon seeds there so they don't take over the garden like last year. And What do I see peaking though the soil in the middle, Yep, More Corn!. I swear, He is addicted to growing corn.

I see some things growing in my potato buckets, and not sure if its corn or Canna Lilly's. Will have to wait and see. I'm new to growing potatoes, so right now, they have grown over the short buckets,(Need to use taller buckets next time) they have just flowered little white flowers. So I guess the next step is wait for them to turn brown, then dump and look for Tatters. Will let you know how it goes.


First picks from the Garden

As I said in a previous post, the garden is growing slow. But we picked a few of the things ready to help it produce more. We got a big bowl of green beans. They are all trimmed, blanched and in the freezer. I love the "Reynolds Handi Vac". They work great for freezing veggies and getting all the air out. Its a cheaper option then a food sealer machine. Watch the video on that link.

We also picked 2 squash, there are 15 others on this one plant, and 10 on the other plant. They should be ready next week or so. I love grilled squash. Not wild about it boiled.


Zucchini Flower falling off

I learned some thing new today about Zucchini. I have never grown it before so when I seen that the flowers were just falling off, like some one took scissors and snipped them off. I went looking on the internet for a cause and treatment.

Well, turns out, that's normal for them to fall off. You see, Zucchini has male and female flowers. When the male opens to release pollen, it falls off. As its job is done. Leaving the female flowers to produce the fruit.

You can read more about this "HERE"

Happy Gardening

Garden Veggies Update

The garden is slow growing, with the cold fronts that come and go and with the heavy water restrictions here in Florida. The garden is growing very slow but we picked the first fruits of the field yesterday.

We tried some thing new this year, the weeds were getting out of control and with mine and DH medical problems, pulling weeds is just to much, so we tried some thing and it seems to be working just fine. We bought a box of cheap black trash bags, cut down the sides so they open flat, then cut down the middle to get 2 long pieces from each bag. Then bought some boxes of garden medal stakes at walmart, you get 40 in a box for like $3.98. Put the plastic just over the mounds of dirt and staked it down, so the bottoms of the mounds still get the water.

As you can see, its working pretty good, now we only have to weed the flat part of the rows with this awesome tool called "Scuffle Stirrup Hoe". This thing is amazing. You just push and pull, and it cuts down the weeds, you can go as deep as you want, and it does not pile the dirt like regular Hoe does. Bought mine at Home depot. My husband loves that tool. Makes his work alot easier.

here are some pics of the garden with the plastic, as its growing.

Garden freshly tilled

Garden with Black trash bags

Garden update a few weeks later, Growing slow but very nice so far.

Will post some other pics in next post.

Thanks for looking

Friday, April 3, 2009

Pups first trip!

Well, after 5 months of restoration, replacing every thing, and spending 8 hours last night trying to get the lights to work right. My brother tried several different plugs, redid the plug on the TV (Tow Vehicle) nothing worked, ran to Walmart, bought a totally new trailer wire kit with new back lights, (those were the only ones we didn't replace). Got the wires ran in the trailer frame so you don't see the wires. It all works great now. We had it hooked up to tow on my DH F150. But my brother had to change the plug wiring around so they could tow it on my future Son-in-laws Chevy Truck.

But, good news it, it just left for its first trip with my Husband, Future SIL, and brother. They went hunting for turkey again this weekend. I hope it all goes well. Will up date when they get back on Sunday.

Also got some great news, the guy we bought it from emailed me today, he found the canopy, and we can go get it. How exciting is that.

Oh, Monday the 6th is our 24th Anniversary.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on Inside

Before total restoration (you have to see the big picture)

Well, the inside is just about done. A few little things to tweek like buy another curtain rod because one I bought had 2 left brackets, Geez! And make one more curtain for the small window.

The pup isnt all the way up in these pics as its under a carport canopy, so you dont get the full view, and you can see the canvas is not tight. We are pulling it out tonight to hook up to truck to make sure all the new lights work before DH takes it on its first trip, He is going hunting with daughters boyfriend and my brother.

You can see the new canvas and new curtains in these pics. The canvas was supposed to be tan, looks orange to me, but oh well, it looks and fits awesome, Thanks Bear Creek Canvas.

The curtains, I got a great deal at lowes, they were originally $20 a panel. I needed 10. Well, I read on the pop up group they were going on clearance. So I kept checking, I bought the last 6 my lowes had for 4.00 each, then went to plantcity lowes and got the last 4 they had for 2.50 each. So all in all, Not a bad deal. Total. $26.00, and this was enough to make 4 cushion covers. I also have enough to make some pillow case covers. So every thing will match.

I used a mesh laundry bag for the tops of the curtains that cover the beds, so you can have them closed and still get AC in the bunks. I also put dowel rods in the bottoms of the curtains. One, it keeps the bottoms out, and use can gather the middles with tiebacks (Scraps and velcro) then when you go to close up camper, take the tie back off, roll up the curtain and use tie back to attach to rod at the roof. So your curtains aren't all wrinkled when you open it, and the dont get in the way when you close it.

I think it looks great, compared to when we first got this old gal. DH sat at the Camper table after all curtains were up. And said, "Man, does this look nice".

After total restoration (And this is what you get at the end) Love it!

Oh, Still need to paint pin strip and put on new decals I cut out myself.

Thanks for looking, besure to check out my webshots for all pictures.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gotta Potti!

No really, I bought one today, we are done with the total restoration of the 85' Coleman pop up. Now we are planing for some mods. We have decided to build a bathroom in the pup. So I will make it so that later I can add a shower.

I found a great deal online at JCWhitney. This is the largest self contained Porta Potti. It has a 4 gallon freshwater tank and a 5.5 gallon used tank. And is easy to clean. Its the Campa Potti XG Its also on sale for 79.99 and if you spend $99 you get free shipping. The shipping was almost $20 so I figured, I would rather get some needed stuff and get the free shipping. Then pay the shipping out right. So stocked up on special paper and liquid chem for the porta potti.

Im also going to purchase a Shower Tent, so that when my husband goes hunting in the green swap like he did this weekend, he will have his own bathroom as they have to walk like a mile to the one that's there.

Okay enought about the potti, lol

My 3rd shipment of vinyl will be here tomorrow, You see, I have ordered 2 different times, and nothing in the right color, SO I just went with a plain every day brown, it will match better then the others. I will put the decals on and paint the pinstrip this week. I need to sew 2 more cushion covers and put all the curtains up, test the water and gas lines. And reload the pup.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Paper Piecing of my PUP

I made this file in my KNK Maxx software. Its a paper piecing of my pup up. Some day, I will scapbook a picture of our first camping trip with our newly renovated Vintage pup up.

If you are interested in a KNK cutter, Contact Sandy McCauley. She has the best support out there for these and other machines.

Sorry about the water mark name on my pics, I have had some rude people trace my files before, I know this wont stop them, but it might make it a little more difficult.

Please do not copy or trace my pics or files.


Getting Ready for Paint Update and New Canvas

We have been moving right along so thought I would catch up the blog. Still need to update the Webshots.

Got all the stickers and pin striping off, sanded, washed, Primer and 2 coats of External Latex Semi Gloss house paint (White). Okay, so I didn't stick to the original color, of Tan, I thought it looked old being tan, I mean, it is old/vintage (1985), but it don't look old now that it has basically every thing replaced.

I went to 4 local sign shops and couldn't find the right color vinyl to cut my own decals with my KNK Groove machine. So I ordered some from 2 different suppliers and nope, not the right color either. So I ordered another color from another supplier today, I'm just going to go with plain old brown. It originally had Burgundy, but I don't think that goes with the new Canvas. Will post pics of it after I get the decals cut.

Also has all new lights, water and electrical outlets as well. Did I mention, we have replaced every thing. Even the tires.

Here is a pic of the new canvas from Bear Creek Canvas. The new canvas fits like a glove. Love the fact its not that evolution stuff it was originally made of. Love the dark tented windows and the back window is not 2 separate windows instead of the one large one in the original. I think I got a great deal on this new canvas. It was only $770. I contacted 4 other places and they wanted $1200-$1500. So I highly recommend Bear Creek Canvas.

By the way. If you notice the slack in the canvas, the top is not all the way up as it hits the top of the canopy covering it, I know this, because I need to touch up the roof as it was raised all the way up to adjust the new cables. And it rubbed on the bars.

We also got the AC back on, and I painted the inside AC Cover white to match the new roof. It was Tan/Yellow?

I sewed new curtains today, and need to make the cushion covers. Its all registered as well. Just waiting for decals and shes ready for her first camping trip.

More to come later.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pop Up Kitchen Update

We finished the kitchen part of the renovation. Actually, we are about done, but this is the kitchen part.

We had to replace the board the top cabinet sits on, it was totally rotted. I covered it with wood grain contact paper. I called 3M, they said, it would stick to bare wood and would not come off. We will see about that.

We had to make a counter top as there was not one at all. The sink was sitting on the floor, and there was only parts to a stove.

We cut the new plywood and used some stuff left over from the roof to cover it. Used Gorilla glue to attach it. Looks good.

Sink installed, new drain, hoses, faucet. The stove, I ended up replacing with a free stove from a wonderful person on the pop up portal group. (I cant find the person name)I painted it white, and it looks great.

The only problem I see, is all the doors we replaced as the others were rotted partical board. Well, the contact paper is a lighter color then the wood grain metal. My hubby says it's fine, but it will annoy me, till I get that changed. Will have to strip it off and stain them to match.

The one long bench we also had to replace, we ended up taking it back off and making it a hinged flip top. Its so nice to not have to bend down to the floor to get stuff out. I also covered with contact paper. Looks good for now.

Kitchen done with new curtains and canvas.

Will post some pics of the rest of the pop up in a few.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pepper had Surgery today

My 10 year old Sheltie mix "Pepper", Had surgery today. He has had a non cancerous lump (lipoma) under his right arm for about a year. The vet said not to worry about it unless it grew and caused him problems. Well, in the past 3 weeks it has tripled in size. And he was having trouble breathing. We went to the vet last Friday, and they said it had to come out.

So they did surgery and found not one but 4 lumps on his chest. The largest weighed 2 1/2 pounds. They sent it off for testing. Pepper is home and in pain, but doing well. No playing ball for a few weeks. Poor thing. I feel so bad for him, but happy to know he will be will me for a few more years. Every thing else turned out good.

Sheltie is "Pepper" the little guy is "Bandit" our 4lb Chihuahua(AKA: Rottweiler in a Chi package)


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Getting Ready for Paint!

We have been working on the outside of the pup now. We had the hardest time finding what we needed. We were looking for a 3M strip off wheel. Read about it Here. Make sure if you buy this one by 3M, you get the mandrel with it. I went to Napa, their system showed they had Item 7498 (which comes with the mandrel). So I ordered it, waited, when it came in, it didn't have the mandrel. But all their stores and ware house only had 7499 with no mandrel, just the replacement wheel and it was 32.00 for that. Some one screwed up the inventory stock number. So returned it.

So I searched the internet and found this eraser wheel at Joe Tool Company. You need to order both the wheel #AST400E (7.95) order 2 or more. Also the Mandrel AST400E-AR to attach to your drill. I would order 2 or more wheels as they charge very high shipping for such a small item. And once you use it, you will be addicted and use it all around the house and cars.

Here is a tip for you as well and will save you time. We first removed the pinstripe top layer with a heat gun, (this was before we found the wheel) Big mistake. It left the sticky residue behind, and took longer to remove it and ate a lot of the first wheel, so we needed a second. I later found at a local car paint store, but it cost double. $15. Any way, With the other 3 sides. It went so much faster just going right to the pinstripe and removing it all top layer and residue. With no damage to paint or body, this thing is amazing. I highly recommend it.

Some pics, the rest are on my web shots or link is on the right. This is my DH working on the camper. He loves this project.

Any suggestions of Cheap, Easy, do-it-yourself painting tips, what kind, primer first or not. What ever, Please leave me a comment or email me.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meyer Lemon Tree

My first fruit tree is a Meyer Lemon Tree. I love Lemonade and always wanted a lemon tree. So I found this one at Walmart. Its about 2.5 feet tall and already has blossoms and a few super tiny beginnings of a lemon. It was $11.

My friend Jill has these trees and she juices them and freezes the juice in Ice cube trays and makes lemonade. She gave me a bunch of lemons from her last trip to the lake house. I juiced and froze in trays. And now. I use those for Tea, Lemonade and cooking.

I love the taste. Its really sweet almost like an orange. Not bitter like the bright yellow (Eureka) lemons you get in the store.

I just cant wait to harvest some of my own. Hm. Think I need to go get the Key lime tree.



This is my first try with growing potatoes. I don't know if they will produce as I read you need seed potatoes. But I had a few that were growing Eyes. So, I figured I would try these. I cut the each potato so that each part had at least 2 eyes growing and let them sit for several days for the cut to cure. I then put 2 inches of dirt, then the potatoes, and just covered with dirt. After one week, you can see leaves coming up through the soil. When they get about 4 inches tall, fill with just enough dirt to cover leaves, when it grows 4 inches, fill again, Do this till it gets to the top of the bucket. let grow till leaves turn brown. Then dump and find your potatoes. This is a vine so potatoes grow all through the soil.

If these dont work, I will buy seed potatoes. But it looks good so far. will keep you posted and see if we get any potatoes. I will plant seed potatoes in a month so the maturity is staggered so I dont get a bunch at one time.

Happy Gardening

SWC's (Self Watering Containers)

I think I mentioned before, I was trying gardening in SWC's . Well, its going pretty good with the first sets. I made 20 and only used a couple so far.

I tried carrots in one of these as last year, we couldn't till the garden deep enough for the carrots and they grew crooked. So with the deeper tiller, it shouldn't be a problem. So we planted some in ground as well. You see, Carrots need light soft soil so they can grow straight.

This SWC has onions. I had some seeds laying around so threw them in just to see if they would grow and they did. One is ready to pick for fresh green onions in our next Taco Salad. Yum! The others have a ways to go. We also planted some in ground.


Veggie Garden Started

Last weekend we bought a bigger tiller, the small one was good for in between the rows. Its only like 10 inches wide and only digs like 8 inches. The new one you can adjust to be 12",22" or 24" wide, and digs 12" deep. So it breaks ground really deep. And in half the time. Will use the small one to seek between the rows now so we dont have to adjust the big on.

Here is a pic of the garden behind the sheds. Its now 17 x 32. We have planted. First row. Onions, carrots. 2nd row is Squash and green beans. 3 rd row is broccoli and green beans. 4th row is okra and Lima beans. 5th row is all peas. On the very end is corn.

You can see the Salad table on the left. At the very end by the fence is the 3 bin compost bin. But we are thinking of moving it so we can use that area on the side of the shed. It will add a area of 9 x 14 feet on the side.

also a few of the SWC are in the front by the lattice. we have watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers, Zucchini in those.

I have other pics of SWC's to post next.


Salad Table

Have you ever heard of a Salad table? (That's where you grow all kinds of lettuce, you go out and pick some for dinner, and it keeps grown, so you always have a fresh salad). I hadn't until I read about it on some ones blog. I cant remember who. But I decided to give it a try. I had some left over 2x4's, Chicken wire, and screen in my work shop, so basically this was a free project.

I already had the bag of soil as well, We bought it to make a SWC. So now its in the table. I made my own, but here are some directions for a Salad Table. We planted Swiss Chard, Spinach, and one other kind of lettuce leaves. The Swiss Chard is already up and about 2 inches tall, the others are just starting to peak through the soil. We planted these about 3 weeks ago. I might have to move it, as you can see, the sun is blocked by the shed on one end, but that is the end that is growing really good. So who knows.


Strawberry Update!

Remember the pics of the new flowers and tiny berries on my first strawberry plants. Here is a update. One is red, and the others aren't far behind. Now that I know I can grow them, I will plant lots next year. I hope to have the garden more organized, then it is now.