Saturday, November 8, 2008

No more Popping!

To day we took a wonderful trip to Conibear RV in lakeland (It's way, way out there on N. 98) but what a awesome place, they had every thing on my list of things I needed for the out side (havent started on the inside yet). Such nice people.

I got the Cable inlets box, water inlet box, the2 different shear pins for the cranks and Whiffle tree, 2 lights to replace the insides, the posi action latch to keep the top up, the vinyl molding for the center and 4 corner tracks, the special caulk to redo all the old cracking calk on the out side, and even was able to order all 4 corner caps for the roof. How awesome was that. If you need a place to get camper parts, check them out Conibear RV.



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