Saturday, November 8, 2008

Forgot to tell yall

How we fixed the popping sound, did I tell y'all, we took off the front to see what was going on, I just cant remember, well, here it is if I didn't, and if I already did, Im sorry for the repeat.

When you turn the crank, the top chain lays on the bottom chain, and then the bottom part of the chain pops off the Sprocket, ( yes they have all their teeth), This happens because the camper is 23 years old, and the chain is stretched.

So the fix was, we unbolted the metal plate as the top sprocket is welded to it, so the chain cant come off. We then removed the micro tiny cotter pin, ( I mean, you could barely see that thing, how could it possibly hold any thing on, but hey it works), Any way, my husband used a pin punch to remove the pin, and we took out 2 links, put it back together, and put it back on.

We had to really work with getting the metal plate back in, as the chain is tight now. Is there a bad thing in it being tight. I know now, when we crank it, it dont pop, and when you let go of the handle, it dont turn backwards to come down on its own. Is that a good or bad thing. Guess I will find out..

pics above to show you the before and after. I cant figure out why the pictures are not level. Oh and cant figure out why no one can post comments either. Tracy and I both tried to fix it. Sorry about that, you can email me here


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