Saturday, November 15, 2008

Compost Happens and Water Wise Class

Several months ago I signed up for some free classes from the county extension office. Well, the day has arrived, I went this morning, and took the Compost Happens class first, it was really neat, I already know how to compost, having built my own, (and happens to be a good one to use). But I learned a lot more, we were given a folder with a bunch of information, this really cool wheel, it tells you when and what to do for what ever is happening. We then took a trip through the garden to see all the types of bins you can use, and I loved all the flowers in the garden. Then we were given a huge Geobin and a 2 foot thermometer totally free. $70 value.

In the Water wise class, we learned all about how to conserve water with your yard, flowers and veggie gardens. We learned about water misting systems to only water the roots of the plans as not to waste water. Then we were given a Mister Landscaper starter kit (50 feet hose and all attachments) and a Big cool Rain gauge. Also totally free. Value $30

I came home and installed the rain gauge on the fence and put together the compost bin and already have stuff in it. So I now have 2 on one side of the yard and one on the other side. Any one have yard waste they don't want, give me a call, I will be happy to come pick up your fresh grass, fallen leaves, pine needles.

I have to install about 25 feet of PVC and a faucet on the other side of the yard to put the mister system where I want it, which will be good for the veggie garden as well. I'm waiting on my free truck load of mulch to finish the veggie garden.

I have 10 tomatoes on my one tomato plant, and about 40 peppers on one plant, and about 15 big yellow flowers on each squash plant. So I'm thinking they are liking the SWC's. I will take some pictures tomorrow. Any one have any more cat little buckets you don't need, I would be happy to come pick them up.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Forgot to tell yall

How we fixed the popping sound, did I tell y'all, we took off the front to see what was going on, I just cant remember, well, here it is if I didn't, and if I already did, Im sorry for the repeat.

When you turn the crank, the top chain lays on the bottom chain, and then the bottom part of the chain pops off the Sprocket, ( yes they have all their teeth), This happens because the camper is 23 years old, and the chain is stretched.

So the fix was, we unbolted the metal plate as the top sprocket is welded to it, so the chain cant come off. We then removed the micro tiny cotter pin, ( I mean, you could barely see that thing, how could it possibly hold any thing on, but hey it works), Any way, my husband used a pin punch to remove the pin, and we took out 2 links, put it back together, and put it back on.

We had to really work with getting the metal plate back in, as the chain is tight now. Is there a bad thing in it being tight. I know now, when we crank it, it dont pop, and when you let go of the handle, it dont turn backwards to come down on its own. Is that a good or bad thing. Guess I will find out..

pics above to show you the before and after. I cant figure out why the pictures are not level. Oh and cant figure out why no one can post comments either. Tracy and I both tried to fix it. Sorry about that, you can email me here


No more Popping!

To day we took a wonderful trip to Conibear RV in lakeland (It's way, way out there on N. 98) but what a awesome place, they had every thing on my list of things I needed for the out side (havent started on the inside yet). Such nice people.

I got the Cable inlets box, water inlet box, the2 different shear pins for the cranks and Whiffle tree, 2 lights to replace the insides, the posi action latch to keep the top up, the vinyl molding for the center and 4 corner tracks, the special caulk to redo all the old cracking calk on the out side, and even was able to order all 4 corner caps for the roof. How awesome was that. If you need a place to get camper parts, check them out Conibear RV.



Sunday, November 2, 2008

Changed some settings

I changed the "Comment" so that you dont have to do that crazy password thing, I changed it to "Members can post" I also tried adding a few emails to see if you get one when I publish a post.

Let me know, if you get the email that I posted, also, please try and leave a comment and let me now if you can or cant.