Thursday, October 2, 2008

Veggie Seeds Started (Updated)

On Sunday Sept 28 I planted a bunch of Veggie seeds, I planted, Onions, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green Beans, Green Peas, Thyme, Basil, Chives, Strawberry seeds and 4 kinds of lettuce. I cant remember the rest off hand. And today, just 3 days later, several things have sprouted, how awesome is that. I will try and get some pics tomorrow to show you. We are doing our first fall garden and the few things we have already started are doing wonderful. The Black eye peas, Black Beans, Green peas, are already flowering, The Green pepper plant is stuggling but has one small pepper on it. The tomatoe plant has flowers as well, its small so hope we get some thing from it.

Added photo, you can just see them starting, will update in a few days.

We are also doing SWC's for the first time and its going great, and will see how well the rest of the fall garden does, and will make the decision to do all our Veggie gardening in SWC's or not, I'm thinking we are, as its going so well. And this should fix some problems like, To much water from rain which cause the Tomatoes and Watermelons to split, or not enough water. This will also fix the problem of having to weed the garden every week, which im looking forward to.

If you need information on SWC's, We are doing the 5 gal buckets. This link will give you step by step instructions. I changed the milk jug to those clear plastic Ziplock bowls with the blue lids, size M, you get 4 for $2.89 at Walmart, I found that if you use a hole saw size 5 inch, its perfect size, and the rim of the bowl sits inside so the bowl dont fall through, Make sure you still drill holes for the wicking process.

Go Here: SWC (Self Watering Container) Instuctions

Update, 10/7/08 New pic of seedlings progress, they are doing great, its only been 9 days and look how big the are, even the lettuce is starting to show, Carrots are just popping up as well, I have never had this much success with seeds, It must be the new medium I'm using for the first time this year. Miracle GRO seed Starter

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