Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This is my 1st blog ever and a place for me to post about my love of Veggie gardening, Flowers and My Crafty Creations when it don't stress me out.

Those that know me, know my daily medical problem affect what I do on a daily basis. And I cant plan the day until I wake up and see how I feel, (that is if I happen to go to sleep or if I am awake at all) and the day usually goes downhill from there. Life is very stressful these day as it is for every one, So since I rarely leave the house, I have started enjoying flowers and gardening veggies to help with the food bill. Some times, I get a creative flow and will make a card or two. But usually, it stresses me out so don't stay with it long. I will be updating the blog with some of my cards, and some of my newest flowers.

Im still working on this and trying to figure it out, so you may see things change, but I like this back ground, thought the green was good for gardening, and the colorful swirls would cover the flowers and Crafty side of things. What do you think?

This blog is private and only people I invite can see it.


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