Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Canna Lily Surpise!

Back in Sept, I was gifted a box of baby Canna's, from a wonderful person on one of my gardening groups. She said, just stick them in the ground and they would grow, So I did and have been watching them every day, I was a little worried at first, because I planted them in full sun, like she said, and the babies, only like 1 foot tall, were turning brown, but i kept them watered and just watched, then I noticed a few new shoots coming from the ground on each one I had planted so that told me, the plant was still healthy, so as it grows, the original, is die off but producing 2 or more, so how cool is that.

This morning I go out to check the status of the Veggie seeds I started last week, and what to I see, It was a wonderful surprise to see this, I have no clue what the colors are as the woman told me she has all colors and just dug them us and put them in the box. So far, Im so happy at the color of this one. Its not fully in bloom but had to take a picture any way. This is one of the new shoots that is now only 2 feet high, cant wait till the are 6 feet high. What do you think? Click comments to leave one.

Edit: Was told this is a Red Dwarf Canna Lily and they only grow 2 ft tall. They have all died off now with the frost here in Florida, I sure hope they come back this year.

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