Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Next Big Project

Well, after camping in a tent a couple weekends ago, which wasn't all that bad, but do you realize how many people don't camp in tents any more, most have some kind of camper. So we thought about it, and being on a strict or no budget, we found a old pop up and got it for a great price, We paid $350 for it, its a 1985 Coleman Chesapeake pop up, its 11 feet long closed and 19 feet open. Its in pretty decent condition considering its 23 years old, Hey, that's how long I have been married, lol,

So with some TLC and some replaced things, I think it will be like new. I will post here to keep track of before , during and afters, lol.



Sunday, October 19, 2008

October Camping Trip

Just got back from our camping trip to E.G. Simmons park, We spend a lot of time there fishing, and thought camping would be fun, well, it was. Went with my husband, daughter and her boyfriend, My brother, his wife and 2 boys. We had a great time even though we had a few problems with the boat, after just getting it out of the shop and spending a ton on repairs. Took it back to the shop Saturday morning and they got it running. So the men spent the day fishing. The didn't catch much, but still had a good time.

It got a little cool and really windy. Fish weren't biting much, but all that don't matter when your sitting by the water and watching the waves and spending time with family. Will post pictures later.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Simply Stunning!

I bought this Tropical Hibiscus, because I fell in love with the bright Orange color with the Deep Red throat. and you can see the veins and a little bit of a ruffle on the petals. Im still looking for the name of this plant. The color remindes me of the Sunset, the orange is so intense the picture dont do it justice. Will post when I find the name to it, Enjoy!



The Start of Something Yummy!

Here is a pic of my first tomatoes in a SWC. Its doing really good, I hope I get some nice Tomatoes off this plant. Tomatoes are so expensive and don't taste good from the store.



Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blog Slacking Already!

Man, its been a few days I think, I cant see a date on my last post, Still trying to figure this stuff out, but I have been busy with other things, like planting seedlings for veggies. And trying to get stuff ready for out camping trip this weekend. Boat is back from the shop and it better run for as much as it cost to fix it. I will post some pics when we get back. Im so tired and have so much to do, Life keeps getting in the way of card making.

Hope to post back soon,



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Canna Lily Surpise!

Back in Sept, I was gifted a box of baby Canna's, from a wonderful person on one of my gardening groups. She said, just stick them in the ground and they would grow, So I did and have been watching them every day, I was a little worried at first, because I planted them in full sun, like she said, and the babies, only like 1 foot tall, were turning brown, but i kept them watered and just watched, then I noticed a few new shoots coming from the ground on each one I had planted so that told me, the plant was still healthy, so as it grows, the original, is die off but producing 2 or more, so how cool is that.

This morning I go out to check the status of the Veggie seeds I started last week, and what to I see, It was a wonderful surprise to see this, I have no clue what the colors are as the woman told me she has all colors and just dug them us and put them in the box. So far, Im so happy at the color of this one. Its not fully in bloom but had to take a picture any way. This is one of the new shoots that is now only 2 feet high, cant wait till the are 6 feet high. What do you think? Click comments to leave one.

Edit: Was told this is a Red Dwarf Canna Lily and they only grow 2 ft tall. They have all died off now with the frost here in Florida, I sure hope they come back this year.

Thanks for looking,

Friday, October 3, 2008

Perennial Flower list for your yard type

Do you know what to plant in your yard that will come back year afer year, Do you have full sun, Part shade, total shade, ect. This list will tell you what to plant and also by what color your looking for.

I know Barb was wanting some thing perennial for her yard, check this list.

Perennial Flower List



Aren't they Beautiful

Here are some pictures of my newest flowers, they are beautiful Hibiscus. Tropicals (have to be kept inside in the winter and also are Hibrids (Not your normal variety's)

Click picture to make bigger

Double El Capitolio Both Bloody Mary and Tequila Sunrise on the same tree

El Capitolio "Tequila Sunrise"

White Wings Hibiscus

Yellow Wings Hibiscus

Peach double also has yellow double and Pink double on same tree

El Capitolio "Bloody Mary"

Great Gardening blog

I love this blog, it has some good advice, I love the new post, his watermelons are doing wonderful, if you look at the post, there is a link to how to make his SIP or Self watering containers, I made mine like this, I'm going to try the watermelons like this in the spring. Also, a cool video as well.

Check it out : Green Roof Growers


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Veggie Seeds Started (Updated)

On Sunday Sept 28 I planted a bunch of Veggie seeds, I planted, Onions, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green Beans, Green Peas, Thyme, Basil, Chives, Strawberry seeds and 4 kinds of lettuce. I cant remember the rest off hand. And today, just 3 days later, several things have sprouted, how awesome is that. I will try and get some pics tomorrow to show you. We are doing our first fall garden and the few things we have already started are doing wonderful. The Black eye peas, Black Beans, Green peas, are already flowering, The Green pepper plant is stuggling but has one small pepper on it. The tomatoe plant has flowers as well, its small so hope we get some thing from it.

Added photo, you can just see them starting, will update in a few days.

We are also doing SWC's for the first time and its going great, and will see how well the rest of the fall garden does, and will make the decision to do all our Veggie gardening in SWC's or not, I'm thinking we are, as its going so well. And this should fix some problems like, To much water from rain which cause the Tomatoes and Watermelons to split, or not enough water. This will also fix the problem of having to weed the garden every week, which im looking forward to.

If you need information on SWC's, We are doing the 5 gal buckets. This link will give you step by step instructions. I changed the milk jug to those clear plastic Ziplock bowls with the blue lids, size M, you get 4 for $2.89 at Walmart, I found that if you use a hole saw size 5 inch, its perfect size, and the rim of the bowl sits inside so the bowl dont fall through, Make sure you still drill holes for the wicking process.

Go Here: SWC (Self Watering Container) Instuctions

Update, 10/7/08 New pic of seedlings progress, they are doing great, its only been 9 days and look how big the are, even the lettuce is starting to show, Carrots are just popping up as well, I have never had this much success with seeds, It must be the new medium I'm using for the first time this year. Miracle GRO seed Starter

Happy Gardening,


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Keeping things straight

Not sure how this will work out for keeping things straight or separated or what not. Or if it will get confusing between Crafty post and Gardening post, Maybe I need one for each. LOL!

Im trying to figure out categories on the right. Maybe that will help.


This is my 1st blog ever and a place for me to post about my love of Veggie gardening, Flowers and My Crafty Creations when it don't stress me out.

Those that know me, know my daily medical problem affect what I do on a daily basis. And I cant plan the day until I wake up and see how I feel, (that is if I happen to go to sleep or if I am awake at all) and the day usually goes downhill from there. Life is very stressful these day as it is for every one, So since I rarely leave the house, I have started enjoying flowers and gardening veggies to help with the food bill. Some times, I get a creative flow and will make a card or two. But usually, it stresses me out so don't stay with it long. I will be updating the blog with some of my cards, and some of my newest flowers.

Im still working on this and trying to figure it out, so you may see things change, but I like this back ground, thought the green was good for gardening, and the colorful swirls would cover the flowers and Crafty side of things. What do you think?

This blog is private and only people I invite can see it.